Makeup, my new obsession!

I have a new interest.

Well, I've always like makeup...more like LOVE makeup. I enjoy trying out different looks, colors...

I don't leave my house without makeup, even a bit of mascara can do wonders for you and make you feel fabulous. Honestly, what girl does not want to feel fabulous? I take good care of myself with healthy eating and working out but putting on makeup in the morning to go to work is a bit of ME time.
I truly like it.
I don't go crazy with makeup on a daily basis though, I wear a more natural look but going all out once in a while, it's so fun!

Now it has become more of an obsession because I  decided to educate myself so I could actually be the makeup artist for Black Lace Image, our boudoir photography business.  I've already done my first real makeup for a photo shoot and it went quite well ... and better yet, I loved it.

I really really enjoyed it!

I will show you a photo soon...in the meantime, gotta go put on some makeup...haha! just kidding! You know I already had makeup on ha!

Take care!

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