My fitness addiction

If you are going to be addicted to something I think fitness is a good addiction to have. As long as you don't go overboard of course. Anything in excess could be bad.

I talk about my fitness love on my "About" page but I really never post about it and I think this comes from the Facebook mentality...where even though it's your profile and you can write whatever you want, you know some people are rolling their eyes at how much do you talk about one thing or the other. Weather it's your kids, your pet, your job or in this case fitness. We all have our likes, priorities and interests. Isn't that what FB was created for? Sharing?

Anyway..this is my blog and I can share whatever I want right? if somebody is not interested in fitness, just move on to the next post and... ta daa!!! we'll live happily ever after.


I have been into fitness for a long long time since my late teens, early 20's. I took a break right before getting married and my first years of marriage and then pick it up again in 2004 together with my husband this time. And so far so good...we are still working it.

I love hitting the weights, not so much cardio although it needs to be done. But give me some heavy weights and I'm a happy girl.

I am on the never ending journey to lower my body fat % hopefully to around 15%. I stay pretty fit but at 18% body fat I am not yet where I want to be. I still have that little bit that won't go away...that one area we all have that gives you the most trouble. In my case is the upper thighs or what we call the saddlebags...*sigh* one day...one day they will be gone.

In the meantime gotta keep working hard and eating super clean.

(haha! you know I have to take some fitness selfies!)

I always keep record and a calendar of my workouts and goals. If you don't create a realistic goal for yourself it's really hard to get anywhere. I re-start my own challenge every 12 weeks, yesterday was the beginning of this new challenge.

I have a little group on Facebook so that anybody that wants to get healthier or lose weight or gain muscle, run a 5k or whatever your fitness goal is, can feel free to post, ask and ramble about their own challenges.
We are a group of people from all walks of life, with different goals, at different levels of fitness and with different knowledge so we all help each other out. If you are interested, please stop by and join, I'll be more than happy to accept you. 12 week challenge and forever after

I don't expect everybody to be fitness fanatics like I am but I truly hope you are doing something to stay healthy and take care of yourself. We only have one body, if you don't take care of it, who will?

Don't wait until next Monday to start, do something today! 

Have a great week


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