Hualapai Nation, the door to Grand Canyon West

For our Grand Canyon visit we decided to go to the West Rim, because it was a shorter drive than the more popular South Rim and we only had one day to visit.

After our wonderful drive there and some rough gravel roads towards the end, we arrived at the Hualapai American Indian Reservation.

The Hualapai Tribe are the ones in charge of this side of the Grand Canyon and the ones that built and operate the crazy Skywalk.

We did not do the Skywalk because it is quite expensive and after doing some research we found out you can't take your own photos or even bring your mobile.
Blame the ones that visited before us, dropping their stuff on the glass floor, the same floor you do not want to get chipped.

I will say though, that my experience while at the Grand Canyon was so amazing that I didn't even remember the Skywalk was an option.

There is a bus that takes you to 2 different viewing points.
The first one is Eagle Point, that's where the Skywalk is located and also a Native American Village.

Here are some photos from the Village.

One thing I was really excited about was the opportunity to see snow while we were there ha! 

Yes, I have never seen snow... 

Remember I'm originally from Puerto Rico and now I live in FL. If we ever have snow it means the globe has totally gone off track.

(Well let me clarify something, I did see snow once, but it was in a bucket that my brother-in-law brought all the way from North Carolina during a particularly cold winter here in FL).

When we were getting really close to the Hualapai Reservation I could see snow in the surrounding mountains and even on the side of the road. It had snowed the day before so I had high expectations. 

Of course I put my hands in the first puddle of snow I saw  (is that how it's called? a puddle?) once we got out of the car. Highly supported by my husband, who reassured me it wasn't weird at all to play with snow that was on the gutter, just like the 7 year old kids were doing. I almost lost my fingers because, why would I stop to think that snow is freaking cold? 

But yes, I saw it, I touched it, I walked on it... I'm a happy camper now!

See the snow on top of the hut? Weeeeeee!!!!!

There is the Grand Canyon in the background to the right

My husband lost in the vegetation

The skies were amazing!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, next time I'll finally show you some Grand Canyon views!


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