Finally the amazing Grand Canyon

Ah, we finally get to see some A-MA-ZING Grand Canyon views!

As I mentioned before, the first stop was the Hualapai Village and Eagle Point. You will see in the pictures why the name.

Look carefully at the first picture and you'll be able to see right in the middle the shape of an eagle, the second picture zooms in more and it's easier to see.

The views are just extraordinary. The immensity unbelievable...There are no words really to describe this massive wonder. You really have to see it to believe it, but I hope these photos will give you an idea.

Can you see the wings and the head and back? Pretty neat! 

Portrait courtesy of my husband 

My hubby having a zen moment


The next bus stop is Guano Point, yes guano as in bat poop, yikes! Don't ask me why the name, luckily we didn't encounter any guano.

This spot is even more amazing.

This is looking towards the food stand and bus stop. You can see the building up at the top 

On the picture above, you see the peak on the right with all the tiny people? Yes, you can climb that (very easily by the way, is just like steps if you climb the back part) and at the top you can see all around. A complete 360° view.

A video I did from up there might be coming soon. Not exactly 360° because there was some people behind me, but you get a good view, if I manage to figure out how to edit, eek! 

Hope you like them, have a great week!

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