Review of Canon RC-6 remote control

I finally bought a wireless remote control (Canon RC-6) for my camera. I did a test a while ago and so far, so good! These are some of the self-portrait shots I did (click on it to see it bigger). Then check out the short review I posted below the picture.

The remote is super small so it fits perfectly in your hand. You can shoot immediately or have a 2 second delay (you know so that you can blink before the shot fires).
It is an inexpensive option so you do have to make sure the camera sees it, but for my test it wasn't an issue. Will have to see what happens when I start using it more. It has a little pouch that attaches to the camera strap so it's always handy and you won't lose it. All in all, it's pretty neat, and so worth it not having to run back and forth to my camera for every single shot. Can't wait to use it for some more self-portraits!!

Happy week!


  1. These photos turned out fabulous! Great first self-portraits! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  2. these were the ones i said that i loved!!! I NEED a remote urgently!!!

  3. it's cool - I may even buy one.. however be careful when you are close to another Canon as it sets of the shutter x