Foggy mornings

Oh the crazy Florida weather...

A few weeks ago we had some really nice cooler weather, we got to wear our jackets and boots. We were all excited because it seemed we were getting a real "winter" season. Or as close as winter as we can get down here.

Since we are in Florida after all, the weather has to get all crazy on us and it has been completely the opposite of winter.

Hot, humid, muggy...not great hair weather...

The only difference from being a summer day it's the foggy mornings... It makes for a morning at least pretty to look at.

One of these mornings the past week, I got my camera and I shot this from my balcony...

And if you follow me on Instagram then you saw one more picture I took with my phone.

For all the great mornings foggy or not!!


  1. You have a great view from your balcony girl...definitely have to visit...looks very cozy!

  2. I love following you on Instagram. Great shots.

  3. Aw thank you so much!!! But I have abandoned my blog I don't know how you do it day in an day out.