The time when my creative fairies left me.

About a week ago I was in a roller coaster of creative feelings, totally underwhelmed with my thoughts.

I was feeling as if my creative fairies had abandoned me, and I have to admit I was so sad, I told my husband "maybe I don't have it anymore".... (of course he didn't think this was the case).

It made me wonder though, if you could really lose your creativity or do you just get stuck like a writer's block.

We talked about it and figured out that I haven't done many creative things for myself lately. Without caring who likes it or not. Sometimes you have to do that.
Actually, I think you should always do that.

Find what you like and what makes you happy, whether people agree or not.

Sometimes you have to re-focus to find your path.

Maybe that path is not what you thought.

My ideas are all coming back....that makes me very happy!


  1. I'm glad you recovered your muse. I do not believe we ever lose our creativity it's just a matter of focusing. Best of luck in your new artistic endeavours.

  2. that was exactly what I was feeling when I did the post about dreams....I have been so creatively challenged lately, its not even funny anymore....ugh!

  3. I had to make some changes to get back that push. I'm feeling good now, all that creativity was just being pushed away. Do something different that has nothing to do with anything...it might help