Beach weather and a great hair product

I love windy days!

I posted the other day on my tweeter how it's been really windy these days and that it reminds me of being by the beach back in Puerto Rico.

It's funny that it feels like beach weather to me when Fall just started. So just to play a little longer with our "summer-like days" I've been sporting a beach wave look.

I have straight hair and I usually blow dry it...straight. You can see it here.

I have never been able to figure out how to get some natural waves. Not, curling-iron-gigantic-waves that always come out looking so fake, I wanted natural. So, thanks to my uber fabulous friend Farah, from Gitanas I tried this great product from Herbal Essences called "Tousled me Softly". I spray it on wet hair, scrunch the hair, and then let it air dry.
The waves actually stay even if I sleep on them (well one spot goes back to straight, no matter what) and they look pretty natural to me, no need to hassle with the blow dryer. Isn't that awesome?

And for Autumn I will say this is the "big hair Fall look", anything to skip the blow dryer! ;-)


  1. OMG Mori! I am so excited that you have decided to become a blogger! I love this! it looks very clean and pretty! I am loving the layout the name, everything! besos and keep it up! now where is that follow button....

  2. haha!!! thank youuu!!!! it's up there, up there.... jaja!!!