Savannah GA and my non-existent southern accent

Hey ya'll

The other day at work I was helping a customer from Mississippi over the phone, when she asked where were we located.
I answered Florida ...and then she reply, "well you don't sound like you are from Georgia" .. Did my very spanish accent gave that up?

First, who said anything about Georgia? Must have been the accent, definitely.

Second, the fact that the company is in FL doesn't mean that all the employees are born and raised in Georgia...I mean FL...
I just laughed and told her I was from Puerto Rico...end of conversation.

Anyways, back to the actual post.

During the long Labor Day weekend we decided to take a mini road trip up to South Carolina.

Driving through Jacksonville

On our way there we stopped in Savannah GA because it was on our way and it is so pretty.
We had been there before but it's always worth stopping.

We even had dinner at Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons Restaurant ya'll... it was buttery and delicious, ha!
What butter? me? Well ok, I had fish not fried chicken..but still, it was very good.

This time though we were there for just an afternoon so I took only my iPhone with me.

Here's some pictures I captured. You might have seen them on my Instagram.