One shot


What is the shortest amount of time that you have spent at the beach?

We spent about 5 minutes at the beach. Yes, just 5 minutes, sad I know... after driving about an hour and a half to Cocoa Beach.
The day was beautiful, the beach was packed, but unfortunately we weren't there to really go to the beach.

I don't think I've ever walked so fast in the soft deep sand while carrying my camera gear. We went there for something really quick and it doesn't really makes much sense to pay $10 at the parking lot for that short amount of time.

Sooooo....we parked our car where we weren't supposed to and in fear of having our car towed we ran across the beach.

Luckily everything worked out fine, we were super fast, came back, our car was there...we were safe. And looking at the bright side, I think I did a mini leg workout. ;-)

Oh and of course, no matter the time crunch, there is always time for at least one shot.