How we met and stick together.


Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary. 12 years of all kinds of adventures.

And how this adventure got started? ....with the internet....yes, the internet.
A long time ago, when the internet as we know it was barely starting. When there was no match.com, or social networks, no facebook, twitter, myspace...

What we had, chat rooms. We met on ICQ...I can still hear the sound it made.. "uh, oh"!!!
Using the random tool, where it would search through everybody connected all over the world and give you someone, you had the chance of see their profile info and decide to talk to them or not.

And Raymond's profile came up, as it turns out he was just about 15 minutes from me.

We talked online for many many many months, we lost contact and then reconnected again. I guess it was our time then because we finally met in person for the first time. And the rest is history.

We have been together through many things.

And just like in the photo below....We stick together like that little plant sticks to the tree. 

And if you know the name of the little plant, please let me know in the comments below ;-)

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